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The inventor and patent holder of the WESTERN WEEPING "Fruitless" OLIVE TM is seeking a partner or partners for existing inventory, new propagation and licensing / sales rights!

Outright U.S. Patent purchase would possibly be considered.

Honestly, these Weeping Olives grow faster than any other olive, are far more unique and    beautiful than the Swan Hill and the Majestic Beauty!  

18 years of sales on the Western Weeping Olive before the patent expires and the TRADE MARKS good for life to insure high profit after patent expiration.

Many are starting to take notice of the tree and it is snowballing. Check out Google under weeping olive. Also starting to pop up on Google Fruitless Olive.

Available at this time, APPROXIMATE limited quantities.

Approx 2500 one gallons, very large and must be upped this fall to 5 gallons for next summers sales.

This will result in a huge profit with little expense.  The buyer is in charge of picking them up in San Luis Obispo. Suggested wholesale price for the new 5 gallon pots is  __ and for retail sales__.

Approx. 125,  15 gallon trees ready to be upped to box size NOW or planted in the ground, at this time, before the winter rains.

Instant landscaping for vineyards, commercial projects or wholesale nursery for large resale profits. Once in box size the value is __.

Propagation!  Licensing rights. We are looking for a large commercial nursery operation or several to purchase the rights to propagate and sell this amazing new Ornamental Olive Tree.

Extremely fast growing for profits to begin quickly. We will provide the propagation material.

September is propagation month and at LEAST 10,000 -20,000 or more should be started.

If going to be a new patio tree I highly recommend additional propagation.

We are vigorously pursuing and prosecuting anyone illegally propagating our patented tree. We will be relentless to protect our Patent and insure the buyer or buyers of the licensing rights will be protected. Australia, Europe, the U.S. are all protected or will soon be. We offer rewards if you see our tree in a non-licensed facility.

We expect honesty from the companies we deal with and will provide the same in return.

We have licensing agreements ready and drafted by our attorneys for review.

Let us know if we can answer any questions involving this incredible opportunity! Email me at __

and leave your phone number and best time to return the call.

Thank you,

Blair Shurtleff